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Pet Me! The Greeters of the Greyhound Hall of Fame

April 28, 2017 -The Greyhound Hall of Fame Museum is located in Abilene, Kansas. If you’ve never stopped by before, or even if you have, you’ll be greeted by two greyhounds – the museum’s resident greeters.

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Devotion Runs Deep

March 17, 2017 – Horse and greyhound racing is comprised of a host of individuals, each with a unique passion for different parts of the industry. One of those individuals is Ernie Rodina, who grew up in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Not only is he an individual with a passion for all things equine, but, Rodina is well-known throughout equine circles.

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It’s All in the Family

March 3, 2017 -Horse Racing is a family affair. Generations come together to watch the races, to raise horses, to train them, and to buy them. This series of pictures, submitted by Lee Smith, proves that family is at the heart of racing and that racing ties together communities for several generations.

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Bill Further Validated

February 16, 2017 – Today, the Kansas House voted to move HB 2173 to the House Committee on Appropriations for a review on Economic and Revenue impact. This move further validates the positive economic impact that horse and greyhound racing will have on the Kansas Economy. When HB 2173 moves out of the Committee on Appropriations, it will facilitate a faster track through the House, Senate, and on to the Governor’s desk!