A Picture of a Win: Larry Edwards and Clabber

By the Greater Kansas Racing Alliance, in consultation with Larry Edwards and Scott Edwards

Larry Edwards Photo

There is nothing quite like racing. The pounding of hooves, the heat of the day, the sheer speed and power of creatures on display . . . it gets in your blood.

After those short, but profound races, we are left with images and memories of the day.

Pictured above is Larry Edwards up on Clabber Barnes, who came in first in the Quarter Horse Derby at the Eastern Cowley County Fair on July 27, 1968. Odell Edwards was Clabber’s owner and trainer.

Also pictured are members of the Edwards family. Shirley Hunt, mother of the late jockey, Jimmy Hunt, is the dark-haired female, third from the left.

Larry Edwards, was a jockey back in the 1960’s. He and his brother mostly rode at Eureka Downs, but they rode all over Kansas and Oklahoma. Despite being in high school, both brothers were also trainers. Larry also rode in LaMesa Park, Raton, New Mexico and ran horses in Nebraska at AkSarBen, plus most of all  the other major tracks.

Larry rode until he was drafted in the Army. After Vietnam, he galloped and worked as assistant trainer. Larry went on to become a thoroughbred trainer. He is now a jock agent/horse seller.

*Editors note, 7/27/17: A previous version of this post reported that the late jockey, Jimmy Hunt, and his family were in the photograph. This was inaccurate and we apologize for the misinformation. We have since corrected the error. 

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