The Greyhound Hall of Fame Selection Process

By the Greater Kansas Racing Alliance in consultation with the Greyhound Hall of Fame and Museum

Greyhound Hall of Fame, Abilene, Kansas

For those of you who have visited the Greyhound Hall of Fame, or even for those of you who are still planning to stop by – you may wonder just how those Hall of Famers got there! The Greyhound Hall of Fame’s selection process is governed by an official code of election. Anyone may nominate a greyhound or person for consideration.

Greyhounds must be at least 8 years old to be considered. They may be chosen for their outstanding accomplishments in the following categories:

1. Competitor

2. Sire, Dam or Progenitor

3. Any combination of categories

Persons may be selected in recognition of outstanding contributions and/or achievements in any field or service to the sport of Greyhound racing.

There are two sections of the Hall of Fame: The Hall of All and the Pioneer Section.

The Hall of All

Anyone may submit a candidate for consideration. If you would like to submit a candidate, file your nomination and supporting evidence to the Hall of Fame executive director or manager at least three weeks prior to the April board of directors meeting.

Next, the twelve-member board of directors reviews candidate information at their April meeting. Candidates who receive a simple majority approval are placed on the ballot as a nominee for Hall of Fame selection.

Ballots and identical sets of information on each candidate are then supplied to each member of the Hall of Fame selection committee. The twelve board members and an additional twenty members appointed by the board make up the selection committee. The selection process occurs throughout the month of June.

Finally, ballots mailed in no later than June 30th are tabulated by an independent accountant. Nominees that receive at least a 75% approval of returned votes are selected!

The Pioneer Section

The Pioneer Section of the Hall Of Fame originally honored individuals involved in Greyhound racing in North America during or prior to 1940. As of the October 2007 board of directors meeting, “pioneer” is no longer limited to longevity or early involvement. It now encompasses those who made significant and innovative contributions to the development, improvement, or growth of greyhound racing of the breed.

Again, anyone may nominate a candidate for the Pioneer Section. They should provide supporting evidence with their nomination.

The same twelve member board of directors reviews the candidate information. But, it’s here where the process differs: If a nominee for the Pioneer Section receives a majority vote of the board of directors at a board meeting, the nominee is accepted for induction. Pioneer nominees are voted on at the October board meeting.

Ceremonies honoring inductees are generally held during the National Greyhound Association’s spring meet program at the Hall Of Fame.

To learn more about the Greyhound Hall of Fame check out their website and be sure to visit them in Abilene, Kansas!

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