Pet Me!

The Greyhound Greeters of the Hall of Fame Museum

By the Greater Kansas Racing Alliance 

Photos courtesy of the Greyhound Hall of Fame Museum. Used with permission.  

The Greyhound Hall of Fame Museum is located in Abilene, Kansas. It is fitting because Kansas is considered the greyhound capital of the United States.

If you’ve never stopped by before, or even if you have, you’ll be greeted by two greyhounds – the museum’s resident greeters.

Meet Gary. 

(current greeter)  

Gary is 10 years old and has been a greeter at the museum for six and a half years!

Meet Ginger. 

(current greeter)

Ginger, Greyhound Hall of Fame Greeter

Ginger is the second greeter at the Hall of Fame Museum. She is a retired brood mom and she’ll be 7-years-old on May 1, 2017. She’s pictured to the right with Easter bunnies sent in by a fan of a previous greeter.

Ginger, Greyhound Hall of Fame Greeter
Greyhound Hall of Fame Museum, Abilene, Kansas

Pet Me!

A previous Greyhound Hall of Fame Museum director decided to put this billboard up on the highway in the early 2000’s. The sign still exists and the current director, Kathy Lounsberry, says they receive several visitors each week that tell her they visited the museum because of the billboard.

Ripley, Greyhound Hall of Fame Greeter

Meet Ripley. 

(former greeter)

Talentedmrripley, also known as, Ripley was a resident greeter from 2006-2010. Ripley is also a Hall of Fame Greyhound!

Meet Porter 

(former greeter)

Flyin Bridgeport a.k.a Porter joined the staff November 30, 2010!

Porter, Greyhound Hall of Fame Greeter
Jade, Greyhound Hall of Fame Greeter

Meet Jade.

(former greeter)

San Tan Goforit, known as Jade, joined the staff in August 2008.

Visit the Museum. 

The Greyhound Hall of Fame is open daily from 9:00 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. It is run and operated strictly on donations. You may learn more about the museum and supporting it by visiting their website.

Also, check out these 2014 articles about the Hall of Fame from the Salina Journal and the Washington Times.

Greyhound Hall of Fame, Abilene, Kansas
Visit the Greyhound Hall of Fame

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