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Kansas Horse Racing

2017 NGA Pup Giveaway

May 2016 pup out of Djays Octane-Yahoo BonitaOctober 6, 2017 – It’s that time of year again, time for the NGA’s annual Pup Giveaway. This will be the 44th straight year that the NGA has put on this fundraiser to benefit the Greyhound Hall of Fame. NGA members and Review readers have an opportunity to participate in the campaign by purchasing tickets for the drawing that will take place at the Fall Meet Banquet on October 11 in Abilene. Tickets may be purchased up until October 11. The three pup prizes for this summer’s campaign all come from successful owners and breeding programs. This years contributors are Steve Sarras of Wheeling, WV; David Strong of Solomon, KS and Mike Harris of Booneville, AR. . . .

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Now That’s Rural: Janis Whitham, Clay Whitham,  and McCraken at the Kentucky Derby

Janis Whitham and Family, Kentucky Derby

September 22, 2017 – It’s the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Beautiful thoroughbreds race down the track in the historic run for the roses. Owners and fans cheer from the stands. In 2017, one of those owners, Janis Whitham, was from rural Kansas. In fact, her Derby horse bears the name of a rural Kansas town.

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Greyhound Hall of Fame Selection Process

Greyhound Hall of Fame, Abilene, Kansas

September 8, 2017 – For those of you who have visited the Greyhound Hall of Fame, or even for those of you who are still planning to stop by – you may wonder just how those Hall of Famers got there! The Greyhound Hall of Fame’s selection process is governed by an official code of election.

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Jayme LaRocca: From Freemont to the Woodlands and In-Between

Jayme LaRocca Win PictureAugust 25, 2017 -Race fans and those long in the racing industry might recognize Jayme LaRocca from the Woodlands in Kansas City. Since 2007, LaRocca has served as the general manager at the Woodlands. For almost a decade, the thunder of horse hooves and excited buzz of race fans has been silent at the Woodlands.

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